Nurses Support Local Governments to Declare a Climate Crisis

As the climate begins to shift and we encounter extreme weather events, such as wildfires, flooding and storms, human and ecological health suffer. Changes to the earth’s climate can have irreversible effects on plants, including our agricultural food crops. Rising ocean temperatures are affecting plankton, which is the foundation of the food chain for fish and sea mammals. In addition to interrupting the world’s food supply, there are a great many other human health threats that are associated with the changes we are seeing.

Local councillors in each of our three municipalities and a director of the Regional District board brought resolutions to their respective councils to declare a climate crisis – all of these resolutions passed. Declaring a climate crisis means that elected officials and citizens will work together to increase the pace of efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) by reducing emissions to become carbon neutral. In all cases, we provided letters supporting these resolutions and pledged our intent to partner on climate action. We look forward to participating in and supporting a robust Climate Action Plan with local governments and citizens.

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