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Electric Vehicle Event: Move2 Electric

The transportation sector accounts for almost one-quarter of the world’s carbon emissions. Canada is making progress, with commitments to reach 100 per cent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2040.

Therefore, as nurses addressing the health impacts of Climate Change we encourage active modes of transportation such as walking, cycling and public transit as first line choices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, we are also aware that for a multitude of reasons people still need to use cars due to health conditions, mobility issues, or while raising young families.

An educational opportunity for the public was offered in conjunction with World Community Development through the presentation of the film: What’s the Electric Car? It was followed by a panel discussion where the public got to ask their burning questions about electric vehicles to local owners. The event was very well attended and the public engaged.

The Comox Valley Nurses for Health and the Environment and Comox Valley Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC joined Watershed Sentinel, Glasswater Foundation and Emotive BC as key organizers of the Comox Valley’s first Move 2 Electric event which attracted 1,400 people on May 18th, 2019. The event showcased electric cars and bikes and in the aftermath of the event, many people availed themselves of the generous rebates offered by our provincial and federal governments to purchase electric cars. The number of sales of electric bikes also increased as reported by the four bike shops that participated in the extravaganza.