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Drawdown EcoChallenge Online

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Drawdown EcoChallenge is a 21-day engagement program focused on ‘drawing down’ damaging GHG emissions from the atmosphere. The challenge follows actions highlighted in Drawdown, a book by environmentalist Paul Hawken based on meticulous research that maps, measures, models, and provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action. Over eighty actions within seven challenge categories provided participants with diverse options to reduce carbon usage. Participants chose their challenges and then tracked and shared their progress online and earned points for taking action. Participants joined an existing team,created a new one, or joined the Community team. We created a team and encouraged others in the Comox Valley to create teams for a total of over 100 participants and held a friendly competition! It was a fun and social way to raise awareness, provide information and think about and act on proven solutions to reverse global warming.